About me

My name is Adrian Mönnich and I photograph concerts, festivals and cosplayers.

Adrian Mönnich, 2013

If some great metal bands are playing in the right locations chances are good you'll find me in the photo pit. The right locations is very vague and that's how it is meant to be as it highly depends on the type of event and line-up.

In case of big festivals most locations in Germany or Switzerland are fine. You can usually find me at the Wacken Open Air for example.

For regular concerts and small festivals (no longer than one day) I try to stay within around 250km of my local area. This can be either Karlsruhe, Germany or Geneva, Switzerland.

Most of my photos are taken for the German webzine ROCKYOU.fm and can be found in their gallery, too.

Since 2015 I'm also doing cosplay photography, so if there is a convention (especially in Germany) with a nice outdoor area (like DoKomi, Connichi or Elfia) chances are good I'm there to shoot some amazing cosplayers.


While available-light concert photography is indeed challenging and proper equipment (mostly fast lenses, which I have) is extremely helpful, listing every piece I own does not say anything about my photos. Why not have a look at them instead? They all contain full EXIF data by the way.
Favourite light
Anything that's not extremely dark or bright-red!
Favourite genres
Power metal and pretty much anything else with a melody
Favourite location
Z-7 Pratteln
Favourite band
Powerwolf - for photos and just for fun
Main job
Software Developer